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St.Peters with skip the line

Civitatours will have you discover and experience Rome on a panoramic bus with a skip the line to St.Peter’s and interiors

As we finally come to the end of our college graduation we had promised ourselves a trip to Italy. Along with my four college friends we decide to look into things to do in rome Italy. We booked our cruise and guided tours of rome and are headed to Italy. There were many tours to choose from and rome tours packages, we decide to go along with the rome classic tour and added the skip the line to St.Peters Vatican tours. Here we are, Rosa, Jack, Connie and myself, ready to create new wonderful memories in the eternal city of rome.

With the wind that accompanies us and music on our speaker we are approaching Civitavecchia. We are trying to be quite serious and not do our usual crazy happy fun things, but we could not help ourselves, we are headed to rome the city of the gladiators, and were so excited. On the dock as we came off the ship were our bilingual tour guides waiting for us with the civitatour signs. We have our seats assigned and we carefully listen to our guide as she explains the day tours in rome.

Oh my god we are loving looking outside at the country roads and the little Fiat 500 that calmly pass by. They announce to us that we are about to arrive after an hour of travelling, here we are in rome ready to do what romans do, have the time of our lives. Let the show begin. Jack and I high five and hope to finally see some beautiful Italian women. The bus stops at the Leonine walls and our walking tour rome begins, heading to St.Peter’s square and its famous Egyptian obelisk, we are speechless to the imposing St. Peters Basilica, nothing like in our history books,” wow,wow,wow” it was all we could pronounce. We choose the optional guided tour of its interior, the Vatican tours .

Everything inside the Vatican was unbelievable paintings, sculptures, maps, just incredible. After an hour and a half we return to the bus, on our way there, Jack and I were finally gifted with the sight of the most beautiful women we had ever seen, actually there was not even one of them that we encountered that wasn’t like a goddess. We continue our tours in rome  along the Tiber on our panoramic tour. Connie is taking so many pictures that we all decided to have her take them all and then create an album on our rome tours.

We pass by the Pyramid of Cestius and make our way the the baths of Caracalla, wow they were big baths, romans really treated themselves well, ahahah.” Look guys ,whats that? Is it what I think it is? The Colosseum” Rosa was going on and on and on, talking and jumping for joy, she thought she was going to meet her gladiator, we couldn’t stop laughing. This was the most amazing walking tour ever, romes history all there infront of us. The Imperial Forum, Venice Square, and the imponent Altar of the Fatherland.

I look over at my friends and tell them to get their coins ready we are about to see the most beautiful barouque fountain ever built, the Trevi Fountain. All four of us turned our back to the fountain made a wish and outloud exclaimed “one,two,three,roma forever”, and tossed the coin in the fountain. Finally the announcement that we were waiting for, it was lunch time, which meant pizza time! We enjoyed lunch watching the romans just loving life, Jack got his chance to finally say hello to a very beautiful girl, unfortunately when he finally got a chance to do so, we announced that it was time to go for a walk, he looked over at us and wanted to cry, Rosa and Connie were laughing and I pretended not to see his disappointment.

Snapping away and chatting we visited the Pantheon, Navona Square, and the fountain of the Four Rivers. This exciting trip unfortunately came to an end. We got back onto our bus and were headed to Civitavecchia. Since at this point we felt so Italian we decided to sing, O Sole Mio, thanking our tour guides an civitatours for such an unbelivable experience and memories that we shall cherish forever. On our way up to the ship we waved goobye to our tour guides and our tours in rome.
”Arrivederci a presto” .

Jack Smith, Rosa Giordano, Connie Ventura & Fabrizio Aloi