Leonardo da Vinci museum


In one of the most famous streets of Rome, near St. Peter’s Basilica, there is a special place created to honor one of the most famous geniuses in history: Leonardo da Vinci.

Experience with us the fascinating journey through the paintings and machines designed by Leonardo in the five thematic areas that form the Leonardo da Vinci Experience Museum in Rome.

You will admire the reproductions of the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, made with the materials and techniques used by Leonardo da Vinci himself, and you will be amazed by the modernity and ingenuity of his machines. About 50 reproductions of Leonardo’s machines are exposed, including the hang-glider and the catapult.

Do you want to discover the genius of Leonardo da Vinci and admire his inventions up close? We accompany you to discover the Leonardo da Vinci Experience Museum, entirely dedicated to the great Italian genius. Enjoy the Leonardo da Vinci museum in Rome!

The museum awaits you in Via della Conciliazione to accompany you on a wonderful journey back in time, thanks to the ingenious machines, holograms and ancient manuscripts made exactly as Leonardo had conceived and designed them.

The permanent exhibition consists of 5 thematic areas

  • Room I – The Flight and the Last Supper
  • Room II – War Machine
  • Room III – The Perspective
  • Room IV – The Principles
  • Room V – Gallery of Paintings

The eonardo da Vinci museum in Rome is a great experience for lovers of art and achitecture.

As you move from one room to another, you will have the impression that you really are in the mind of the Master.

There are 50 machines to observe, including prototypes of a hang glider and the Aerial Screw and war machines such as the catapult, the Multi-Directional Gun Machine, the lethal Cannon and the mirror room with its eight mirrored walls, which allow you to see an object from all sides without moving it.

It will not only be the machines that will surprise you because in the Museum you can experience a truly magical journey into the Painting Gallery, thanks to the 22 paintings created by the famous “Bottega Artigiana Tifernate” with the same materials and procedures used by the Universal Genius. Among the works exhibited you will admire the Mona Lisa, the Lady with a Ermine, Ecce Homo and the two versions of the Virgin of the Rocks, all made in scale 1:1.

You will also have the opportunity to take a look at the life-size reproduction of The Last Supper, the controversial painting starring in the best-selling Da Vinci Code by the american writer Dan Brown.

The audio guides will accompany you by telling you the story of each work of art and guiding you through this unique and special journey.

Presenting our ticket at the entrance you will receive an exclusive gift for free, provided only for our travelers Civitatours.

You can find the prices of our Leonardo Da Vinci Museum ticket as follows:

Ticket + Transfer Rome on your own included

  • Full price: 37 €
  • Reduced children 3 – 15 years old: 30 €
  • Free: infant (0 – 2 years old)

Museum ticket only

  • Adults: 12 €
  • Reduced: children (6 – 15 yo) 10 €
  • Free: infant (0 – 5 yo)

Audioguides available in 7 different languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese and Russian

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