Italian lunch


A typical Italian lunch with a tomato and basil bruschetta, a typical Roman pasta dish or a pizza to suit your taste. All washed down with a glass of wine or a cool beer, or alternatively a soft drink. The restaurants are located a stone’s throw from Piazza Navona or Trevi Fountain , the nerve centre of tourism in Rome.

How can you give up a proposal so attractive and at a truly honest cost?.

This year Civitatours wants to offer you new products and as always at very honest prices and what could be better than a nice Italian lunch!

We would like to propose a typical Italian restaurant in the nerve centre of Rome near”Piazza Navona” or Trevi Fountain, in  locations that can be appreciated by families, singles and couples looking for a magical moment to remember.

Our restaurants offer typical Italian menus, but for Civitatours customers we have chosen a quick and mouth-watering menu.

When we arrive we can already see that the wooden tables are well laid with cloth tablecloths, ceramic plates and glassware. Nothing is left to chance and our waiters speak foreign languages.

We will taste an appetizing bruschetta with cherry tomatoes with fragrant basil leaves, followed by a choice of first course including carbonara, gricia, matriciana, cacio e pepe or a fragrant pizza cooked to perfection to choose from including margherita, napoli, capricciosa, mushrooms and sausage, etc.. A glass of chilled wine, ice-cold beer or soft drink is also included. A bottle of water in glass bottles is also included.

At the end, to conclude this good Italian lunch, of course, a good Italian coffee. After this inviting description how could you not click and book your table.

This new product can be purchased individually or in combination with the Panoramic Tour, which includes a lunch stop in the city centre, or in combination with Rome on your own, where you have plenty of time to roam freely around the eternal Rome and dulcis in fundo let yourself be pampered with an Italian culinary proposal.

The owner of the restaurant, Secondo, a dear friend of ours, will always be there to welcome our customers. This is because we want to put our face to guarantee seriousness and professionalism. Even Hollywood celebrities frequent this location because it is renowned throughout the world.

When you take care of the customer, rumours run far away and you can see in the slideshow of the photos some of these personalities.

We can guarantee you all the anti-covid security systems: the tables are disinfected every time there is a change but fortunately, for our clients, we are reserved the tables outside and therefore it is not necessary to wear a mask and therefore be able to eat freely without worries.

We are sure we have done something to please you by offering this new service and not to be underestimated that with the purchase of lunch and restaurant in combination you are given free entry to the Gladiator Museum a stone’s throw from the restaurant.

The exhibition on Roman armour is unique in that it brings together in one exhibition space, reconstructions of the most significant helmets and cuirasses for a historical period ranging from the 6th century BC to the 4th century AD.

The reconstruction of all these artefacts has been conceived through an in-depth study of the finds in the major Museums of History and Archaeology in Europe and the United States. Walking through the various sectors of the exhibition is like visiting many of the world’s museums of ancient history. The display of these artefacts, which have also been reconstructed using ancient casting and embossing techniques, is skilfully illustrated with the aid of panels and drawings.

The location is a few steps away from Piazza Navona, in the centre of Rome. You can reach it by your own means or by booking through Civitatours the transfer Roma in Libertà.

The rates are as follows:

  • Italian lunch € 19.50 per person

Any extras to the menu can be paid for on site.

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing appropriate to the location.

Please note that all those who book a lunch in this characteristic location will be given a free ticket for the Gladiator Museum in Piazza Navona.

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