Civitavecchia Walking Tour


Wonder around discovering one of the most important ports of the Imperial Rome. Our Civitavecchia Walking Tour will accompany you through myths and legends to the medieval heart of the city, in a 2 hours journey.

Take some time to enjoy a pleasant and interesting walk through the quaint streets of the city. The itinerary includes:

  • departure from the port
  • arrival in Piazza Leandra
  • walk through the narrow streets of the medieval village
  • stop in front of the Renaissance Fortress of Michelangelo
  • closing tasting of local wines and oils

Follow the Civitavecchia Walking Tour along a unique path that will take you back to the time of the Emperor Trajan in just two hours.

We will relive the history of the construction of the major naval port of Civitavecchia, which took place by the will of Trajan, who commissioned the design work to the brilliant Roman architect Apollodorus. It was the Roman emperor who made Civitavecchia the most important port to access the eternal city.

Our Civitavecchia Walking Tour starts at 10.00 am from Largo della Pace. You will walk with us to reach the narrow streets of the medieval village, accompanied in the path by the history of the brave sailor Leandro. Legend has it that it was this old man of the sea who prevented the mass abandonment of the city after the invasion of the Saracens.

You will reach Piazza Leandra in the heart of the medieval city. The square is named after the sailor Leandro and is embellished by the central medieval fountain and the small and suggestive Church of the Star, one of the oldest in the city.

Our Civitavecchia Walking Tour will also allow you to admire the Renaissance fortress of Michelangelo, built by Pope Julius II, which stands right here in this little cruise port city. It was the Pope who called the best architects of the time to build the fort, including Bramante, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, and to bless and brick up the first stone of the building.

After listening to the myths and legends and admiring the beauties of Civitavecchia, the tour ends with a food and wine break.

We thought of ending the walk with a tasting of local wines and oils of the highest quality, whose production has its roots in the ancient Etruscan culinary tradition. A great way to end our Civitavecchia walking tour!

To reach the starting point of the tour you can take the free shuttles at your disposal at the pier of your ship. You will arrive at the Terminal Largo della Pace where our staff awaits you with booking lists.

You will easily recognize us wearing yellow t-shirts and Civitatours signs.

You can find the prices of the walking tour as follows:

  • Adults: 25 €

Tasting ticket: 7 €.

Ticket not included in the Walking Tour excursion payable on spot the day of the excursion

The Civitavecchia Walking tour requires a minimum of 8 participants

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