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Rome Panoramic Tour

Civitatours will have you discover Rome on a panoramic bus with an unforgettable walking tour of Rome with our tour guide

Bill and I have dreamt of this moment for such a long time. A dream come true, the Eternal city awaits us. A rome tour, to finally see and visit Roma. As we now are finally on pension we looked into several tours in rome Italy and came across this wonderful tour which had a stop over of rome in 1 day, choosing the rome panoramic tour . My heart starts racing from the joy of finally arriving as Bill and I walk down the ship, they indicate a bus waiting for us on the dock, they are holding up civitatour signs, our bilingual tour guides will accompany us to visit the rome tourist attractions.

Italians are wonderful, such friendly people and wonderful smiles making our welcome to Italy just as I had imagined for such a long time. We are assigned to our seats. Our journey begins, I look over at Bill we hold each other’s hands and feel each others happiness, as we are headed towards the Eternal city of Rome. We are carefully listening to what are tour guide is saying to us in reference to the top things to do in Rome. The sun is shining and it is such a wonderful day to discover the eternal city and the history of rome tour. The moment has finally arrived  after an hour of traveling, our dream day will begin. Our panoramic  tour will take us along the city’s river Tevere and we will admire all the rome things to do along its streets.

What an incredible journey, Bill and I were simply enjoying everything along the way, taking in as much as possible, so much history and so much beauty in front  just waiting for us. We follow our guide as they kindly and very professionally explain along the way the history. I was busy admiring some Italians as they so gracefully speak with their hands when I suddenly find myself in front of the most breathtaking monument I have ever seen or even imagined, the Basilica of San Pietro, the biggest and most famous church in the world.” Bill, am I dreaming? Can this be real? Can we really be here finally living our rome tour in one day?  ” Bill just smiles at me and that was my answer.

We return to the bus and our guide continues narrating the history of the eternal city, as we drive along the main watercourse of Rome. Pass the Tiberine Island, the piramide of Cestius ,come across the second largest baths called Baths of Caracalla. We are headed to the largest amphitheatre ever built the symbol of rome, I have a little statue of it in my living room and seeing it  live is fascinating and so different ahahah. As we passed by there was a very long line up for the mouth of the truth. We then continue our wonderful walking tour, I am in love with all that the Italians represent, the are so relaxed, joyful people enjoying their day in the warm sun under a roman sky.

We pass Rione of Sant’Angelo ,Capitoline Hill, and arrive at Venice Square. Once again we are amazed at the imponent Altar of the Fatherland. As our walk continues I tried to take in as much as possible, we took so many pictures not missing one single thing or moment because this is a one day tour of a lifetime. There it is the Fountain of Trevi a marvelous baroque fountain, Bill and I with a coin in our hand make a wish and toss it in the fountain just like in the movies. We now are free to enjoy our lunch, what a pleasant part of the day, I am craving a true plate of pasta with fresh tomato sauce and Bill desires his true Italian pizza. Panoramic restaurant Rome perfect, “ buon appetito Bill” , “buon appetito Mary” delicious wonderful. And to make it even more perfect our gelato, Bill was so attracted to two little italian boys which were playing soccer,  that he completely forgot about his gelato which had completely melted, as he looked over to finally notice that his hand was completely covered in icecream causing our tour friends into laughing out loud, what a fun moment, abviously the heat in Rome is different than in Canada.

We admired the Pantheon, Navona Square, Fountain of the four rivers. How memorable, our tour had come to an end but my heart and Bills heart were full of joy, thanks to the panoramic tour of rome we had fuffiled our dream. Civitatour rome made it all possible. As we make our way to the dock I turn around and with a great big smile thank them all for the most precious day of our lives.

Bill Jones & Mary Jones