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Classical Rome

Civitatours will have you visit Rome on their Panoramic unforgettable walking tour, with a guide will be a memorable day

I couldn’t believe that I was finally going to live my dream vacation with Mark. Rome Italy, we booked a stop over in Rome from Civitavecchia for a day tour. The Classical Rome tour with civitatours. There were many Rome tour packages to choose from but we liked the Rome tour in one day.

As we arrived at Civitavecchia one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean, they announced to us that our bus was waiting for us on the dock. As we made our way to our bus we could see the civitatours signs up and our bilingual tour guide waving hello. I was actually jumping for joy and Mark couldn’t stop laughing at me, “Buongiorno a tutti” was all we had learnt to say, we practiced at home before leaving, ahahaha.

We took our seats in the bus and listened carefully to our guide as she explained our day, and the top things to do in Rome. Off we were to the eternal city, the Colosseum tours, so fascinating I love everything about Italy and Italians, so carefree people and joyful. A walking tour Rome was what I needed, after an hour we arrived, the bus stopped near the Vatican walls, with our camera and mobile phone in our hands we followed our guide as she lead us to St,Peter’s Square, “oh my God Mark, do you see what I see? St,Peter’s Basilica”  it was bigger than I had imagined and more beautiful.

Love these Rome walks, the sun was shining and the weather was perfect, Italians all around us talking away and every word that came out of their mouth were like music to me. We returned on the bus to continue our tours in Rome along the Tiber the main water course of Rome. Tiberine Island , the Pyramid of Cestius and the baths of Caracalla were divine. But what was to come was my dream, Rome Colosseum tour, we started the incredible walking tour Rome at the bottom of the largest anphiteatre ever built. Our tour guide was amazing she explained things so clearly and made our journey fun.

Mark and I were so happy and glad we decided to take this tour, our travelling friends were very nice and made the walk even more enjoyable. We were all taking so many pictures and selfies , as we passed by anything that said Roma. From the Imperial Forum we headed off to Venice square, and then I noticed Mark freeze in the middle of the sidewalk , there it was in front of us in all of its glory the Altar of the Fatherland, Rome walking tours could not have gotten any better ,so far it was the TOP of the tours, but yes it was going to get better because we were about to see the most famous barouque fountain ever built and I was going to make a movie like wish by tossing a coin in the fountain. We closed our eyes and made a wish , what a wonderful sound that the coin made once it hit the water. It was lunch time and we couldn’t wait to go and sit down amoung Italians and eat a delicious plate of pasta with a good glass of wine. Absolutely divine, and to make it even more perfect an espresso coffee.

As I turned around I didn’t see Mark, what captured my attention was the cheering of some Italian boys playing soccer, there he was just like a little boy playing his favourite sport , and singing the juventus song with them. Everyone on our group was cheering as he scored. I took my sweetheart by the hand and we walked freely towards the Pantheon, Navona Square, and the Fountain of the Four Rivers. Incredible so much history and so much beauty a day that we shall cherish forever had come to an end. Mark and I were extremely satisfied with the choice of the day tour with civitatours. Our drive back to the port was pleasant, we all talked about our day and thanked the tour guide for everything. We actually exchanged numbers with some of our day friends promising to see each other again. Thank you so much Roma for everything a perfect tour and a perfect day.

Francesca Smith & Mark Smith