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Tarquinia a dream come true

Civitatours, Tarquinia as you have never seen before, this tour presents and reveals four Etruscan Heritage tombs

Michael and I have been wanting to take a trip to Italy for the longest time. We had planned on it last year but then found out that I was pregnant so we decided to postpone the trip. Not easy to travel with a little six month old baby but we planned it out well. We looked into several tours and found the perfect Tarquinia day tours offered by Civitatours, a private tour from Civitavecchia to Tarquinia.

Finaly we found what we were looking for a comfortable relaxing and very interesting tour, that we could easily enjoy with our baby girl. As we approached Civitavecchia Michael and I stood on the bridge and were amazed at all the beauty in front of us. Wow the Tarquinia tour is going to be amazing. Took the baby and the stroller down to the dock. We approached the bus that was waiting for us, we were welcomed by the civitatour signs and our lovely bilingual tour guide. They were so kind as to assign us front row seats so that the baby would be comfortable. Such a wonderful attentive service, happy to have choosen tour Tarquinia with Civitatours, our destination was Tarquinia a dream come true.

Once we started towards our destination our tour guide was explaining the, Rome Italy tour, and what we were going to see. It was such a lovely ride, the baby slept all the way, so Michael and I had some time to actually relax before our big adventure, our private Tarquinia tour. Full of excitement we finally reached our destination the baby awoke and we were off, the guides at the artetruria association presented us with the four exceptional tombs, of the Etruscan heritage. We slowly made our way to lay our eyes on so much history, the tomb of the Panther, the Baron, the Bulls and the Augurs, were opened esclusively just for us, wow this Tarquinia day tour could not get any better, civitatour was a god sent. Michael and I were just enjoying everything because it was such a relaxing interesting tour, they were all so kind with us in regards to the babies needs.

We went on to discover their funeral paintings and traditions quite mysterious people. The most ancient tomb discovered so far was the Panther tomb, to the mythological representations of the bulls tomb. Our guides were so clear and patient with our questions. “Michael we need to change the babies diaper, can you please ask where it can be done?” as we changed the baby they all so kindly waited. Our tour continued with a walk through the heart of ancient corneto, the medieval jewel of the Tuscia region. They took us to a tower called “Torrione” and from there we admired the most impressive panorama, Michael was taking so many pictures of the baby, he was asking everyone on our tour group if they could take pictures of us as a family.

They were happy to help, laughing and cheering such a happy father on his first family trip. He was loving all the attention, love him so much and am blessed to have experienced this Tarquinia private tour. Michael turns to the guides and in a incredible perfect Italian asks Quando si mangia? I looked over at him and was shocked ,perfect timing , we stopped and enjoyed an all tasting menu of the local food and wine. The day came to an end and we were heading back to Civitavecchia, I personally thanked each and everyone on my tour group for being so supportive and patient with the baby. We also thanked our bilingual guide of civitatour for such a memorable and relaxing experience. This will not definitely be our last with civitatour ,I highly recommend them on the stop over in rome from Civitavecchia for a day. We said our last goodbyes and waved as we boarded the ship.


Michael, Maria and baby Giulia